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H.265 4CH 1080P HDD Mobile DVR


 Product Features:

HIS Solution,H.265 Compression, Multiple stream recording, 4ch real-time 1080P AHD/TVI/CVI  input

High quality real time recording, 1080P/960P/720P/CIF/HD1/D1 Optional, quality adjustable;

Professional Car Power Design,8-36V wide voltage,Provide reverse voltage/overload/short circuit protection, to meet kinds of car application;

Support 12VDC/3Amp output voltage,power supply for Camera/Screen etc;
Max 4TB HDD + 512GB SD Card Mirror Recording,protect DVR from shock & Dust damage;

Exclusive pre-allocate DVR Special File System Technology,Solving repeatedly wipe cause file fragmentation, and ensure the integrity of the data.

ACC Delay off,can set 24 hours;

Auto Record/Manual Record/Alarm Record etc working mode to meet different requirements;
Show Car status/Plate/Driving Route/Low Speed/Over Speed information for convenient management;
Support GPS/BD,3G/4G Module Optional,WIFI extend/HOT;
Strong Network,device configure via IE Web,
Support Monitoring,Intercom, PTZ, Alarm,Over speed etc through remote control platform;
4ch Alarm input(Door Open,Light,Turn direction,brake,reverse etc),can linkage kinds of alarm;

2CH Alarm Output,Support Light and Sound alarm sensor,Oil/Power cut off;
High level aviation interface,easily installation and better shockproof, more stable;
Easily Smart GUI Interface, saving time in device setting;
Strong Stable Application,Support Real-time monitor, talk-back,playback,record,picture snap etc;
Updated through SD or  Remote Automatic updating,more stable and convenient;

Support Phone Remote Monitor,3G Phone Calling etc;
Support PTZ/Oil Sensor/LED Advertisement Panel etc;

Support Ministry of Transport Standard Agreement

Be Customized according your request;







Chinese/English/Others (can be customized)

Video Compression



Overlays information such as date time and vehicle ID


Graphical User Interface

Can connect to external LED screen. Setup system parameters with the remote control.

Video Record System

Video Input

4CH* 1080P    4CH* 1080N  4CH*720P  4CH*D1
2CH*1080P     2CH*720P




Video Output

2CH video output (1CH AV video, VGA output for optional.)


Support 1 channel and 4 channels preview., support Manual/Alarm Trigger full screen preview


Support 1080P/960P 720P/D1/CIF, MAX:4channel 1080P

Video Quality

0-7 levels, 0 is the highest level, 7 is the lowest level.

Video Standard

PAL: 100f/s , CCIR625 line,50field;

NTSC: 120f/s, CCIR525 line,60field;

CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

720P : 1Mbps~4Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

1080P: 1Mbps~8Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

Record Mode

The default setting is auto recording after power on. Timed recording, alarm trigger recording and manual recording are supported.


Audio Input

4 channel aviation Plug

Audio Output



G.726 compression, 8KB/s speed

Alarm Input

4CH IO Alarm Input, Support alarm linkage function

Alarm Output

2CH Relay Alarm Output, Support the linkage acousto-optic alarm, cut off fuel oil/power,etc

Communication Interface

1CH RS232, support extension device, such as POS machine, Oil Fuel sensor, LED advertising screen , etc.

1CH 485 interface, can connect PTZ,etc.

Wireless transfer

Support Built-in 3G network, WCDMA,CDMA2000,TD-SCDMA compatible with GPRS,EDGE; Support Built-in 4G network, TTD-LTE, FDD-LTE


Support Built GPS/BD Module,can make playback analysis of vehicle routing

Video Storage


Max. 512GB SD card and 4TB HDD mirror recording to protect data from loss


Support USB flash disk  updating SD card upgrade , OTA remote upgrade automatically

File Format


File System

Special Car system File System


Front panel supports USB port, support USB flash disk upgrade to backup; hard disk box USB port, can back up video data

Video Playback

Video Search

Search video by Record Time/Record Type etc


Max support 4CH Replay /Stop/Fast Forward/Fast Reverse at same time

Support x 2,x4,x8,x16. fast forward or fast backward play

Voltage &Power Consumption

Power Management

Adaptive wide power input, support Wide Voltage, Over-loadOver-voltageShort CircuitReverse Protection..Support Time Setting/Delay power off

Voltage Input

DC:+8V ~ +36V

Voltage Output


Power Consumption

Normal Working 5W

Working Environment


-20℃ to +70℃


20% to 80%

Safety Management

Safety enter

user/Admin 2 Levels Different Passwords ,



205 * 210* 68 mm


Net Weight

2 Kg