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AHD Car Video Processor


Main Function

1.4 channel HD video input (support AHD/PAL/NTSC mixed input), 1 channel VGA HD video output
2.Various display modes
The corresponding display mode is showed according to the steering and reverse.
3.High resolution
Input :AHD1920*1080P@25p/30p   Output:VGA1920*1080P@60HZ
4.Power-off memory function
When you press the ► key for long time, and the dividing line displays red, if the power is off suddenly, the final setting screen will be displayed when the power is on.
5.  Automatic compatibility of AHD/PAL/NTSC system
When the machine is powered on, the system automatically recognizes and is compatible based on the input camera AHD/PAL/NTSC .
6.Support IR remote controller operation ( optional )
7.Support TF card , max. 64G


Input Channel
Input Channel 4CH
Input Format CVBS、960H、AHD(Support Multi-signal and NP mixed input)
Input Format CVBS PAL/NTSC
AHD 1080P@25p/30p 720P@50p/60p 720P@25p/30p
Output Channel
Output Format VGA、CVBS
Output Port VGA 1920x1080 1440x900 1366x768
1280x720 1280*1024 1280*768
Other Parameters
 Working Temperature  -20~80℃
 Working Voltage  DC12-36V
 Max. Power  4W
 Weight  0.4 kg
 Dimension  130*100*28mm